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April 14, 2016

Cloud of Controversy Hangs Over Air Permit for New B.L. England Power Plant
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
The DEP argues new gas-fired facility will release far less pollution than its coal-powered predecessor -- but ‘greens’ say it’s still too dirty
Is Guadagno’s ‘Think Tank’ First Step on Road to Run for Governor?
Lee Keough and John Reitmeyer | Politics
Stepien is back on political scene to serve as new group’s executive director
Op-Ed: Immigration Case Will Have a Lasting Impact on New Jersey Families
Erika Nava | Opinion
As home to one of the largest undocumented populations in the nation. the Garden State needs federal policies that embody commonsense and compassion
Pulaski Skyway Rehab Project Off Schedule -- But by How Much?
NJTV News Online | Transportation
At second anniversary of $1 billion project, NJ DOT estimates when current stage will be completed
Jersey City Mayor Heads to Atlantic City to Talk Gaming, Casinos
NJTV News Online | Politics
Mayor Fulop has long had an interest in bringing gambling to north Jersey and, more specifically, to Jersey City

April 13, 2016

Reformers Question If School-Aid Formula Is Out of Touch with Reality
Meir Rinde | Education
It’s not just rich versus poor or urban versus rural; some basic assumptions of school-funding formula may need to be rethought
Does New Jersey’s Largesse to Large Corporations Hurt Small Businesses?
Tara Nurin | Politics
Alliance of small-business owners demands temporary halt to tax-incentive programs; requests more study
In-the-Black Unemployment Trust Fund Means $200 Million Cut in Payroll Taxes
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Projections show fund on track to reach $1 billion balance, thanks to anti-fraud measures, constitutional check against diversions
Now Playing: New Jersey’s Hidden Water Crisis
NJ Spotlight Staff | Roundtables
Check out the video or download the podcast for NJ Spotlight’s latest roundtable
Former Gov. Whitman Takes on Today’s Raucous Republicans
WNYC Public Radio | Politics
To hear her tell it, a Trump candidacy would be a disaster that could cost the GOP seats in House and Senate.
Take the Necessary Steps to Vote in NJ’s June 7 Presidential Primary
NJTV News Online | Politics
Today is the last day you can switch party affiliation, advises League of Women Voters
Verizon Strike Scheduled for 6 A.M. Wednesday Morning
NJTV News Online | Energy & Environment
After working without a contract for the past eight months, a group of Verizon employees are ready to walk off the job

April 12, 2016

DCA Draws Fire Again for Being Too Slow in Distributing Sandy Funds
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Department of Community Affairs’ website indicates more than $1 billion remains to be disbursed to displaced Sandy victims
Beyond Recognizing the Problem, Paying to Purify Drinking Water in NJ Schools
John Mooney | Education, Energy & Environment
Parents, educators, teachers, and lawmakers start coming to terms with a situation that’s probably far more complex than anyone suspects
Is Racial Profiling Police Policy in Bloomfield -- and Other Communities?
Colleen O'Dea | More Issues
Do cops routinely stop black and Latino drivers so they can boost municipal revenue with traffic fines?
Christie, Sweeney Strike Deal to Name Democrat to Open Supreme Court Seat
John Reitmeyer | Politics
But are there other compromises coming, especially over gas-tax hike, future of Atlantic City?
Opinion: Improving the Lot of Some of New Jersey’s Most-Overlooked Citizens
Joel Cantor | Opinion
Integrating the treatment of debilitating mental-health problems and physical care can help relieve suffering and reduce some of the burden on the healthcare budget

April 11, 2016

Will Governor Clear the Way for Next Stage in Reforming Troubled Port Authority?
John Reitmeyer | Politics
At issue for bill awaiting Christie’s signature: more legislative oversight over the agency, a key concern supporters argue with multibillion dollar projects in the pipeline
Administration Says It Has No Plans for Settlements Paid by Polluters
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
But McKeon questions whether administration is being aggressive enough in pursuing cases against polluters, an argument endorsed by some environmentalists
The List: Top New Jersey Municipalities with Highest Per-Capita Budgets
Meir Rinde | The List
Atlantic City has been pilloried for its municipal spending by top Republicans and Democrats, but how does it stack up against other municipalities and resort towns?
Food Incubator in Northern NJ Could Help Keep Farmers Down on Farm
Jane Primerano | Energy & Environment
Creating a flexible, responsive collective for farmers can help them meet the specific challenge facing agriculture in the Garden State
Learn to Take Advantage of ‘Hidden Benefits’ of Obamacare
Ginalisa Monterroso | Opinion
The Affordable Care Act offers New Jersey residents a wealth of options and coverage, from alternative medicine to weight loss

April 8, 2016

State Lawmakers Warn Christie to Keep His Hands Off Open-Space Funding
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Governor argues that money set aside for preservation programs can be used to pay for salaries and maintenance at state parks
Interactive Map: Tracking Per-Pupil Spending, Teacher Salaries Across NJ Districts
Colleen O'Dea | Maps, Map of the Week
Size doesn’t always equal dollar amounts; tiny Avalon, in Cape May County, spent almost $64,000 per student -- compared with statewide average of $20,000
Assembly Speaker Unveils Plan to Save Atlantic City Without Takeover by State
John Reitmeyer | More Issues
Finances would be monitored while troubled casino resort would have to meet benchmarks set out in 5-year plan
Op-Ed: How Superstorm Sandy Unleashed Government Abuse of Power
Thom Ammirato | Opinion
The DEP’s storm protection plan rests on the power of the state to take private beachfront property to build a 100-mile wall of sand
‘One-Stop Shopping’ Makes It More Likely Clients Will Get Complete Healthcare
NJTV News | Healthcare
Governor announces expansion of integrated approach to seven more agencies

April 7, 2016

Administration Soldiers On with PARCC Plans, Despite Protests from Parents
Meir Rinde | Education
State is prepared to speedily process thousands of appeals from students who fail graduation tests, officials say
$10M Lead-Abatement Program to Come Out of Affordable Housing’s Pocket
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
With dedicated tax on paint already set up to fund abatement efforts, legislators question the necessity of diversion
State Treasurer Calls Increase in Taxes Inevitable Without Benefits Reforms
John Reitmeyer | Budget
With employee costs rising 15%-20% and revenues rising 3%, official calls equation ‘unsustainable’
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