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March 15, 2017

Poor, Elderly Stand to Be Hardest Hit Under GOP Healthcare Plan
Colleen O'Dea | Healthcare
NJ Spotlight interactive map lets readers compare tax credits they would get from ACA versus AHCA on county-by-county basis
Christie Claims Credit for 60,800 NJ Jobs Gained in 2016
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Critics argue increase just tells part of picture, pointing out state is only 30,000 jobs ahead of where it was in 2007
Curtailing Prohibitions on Medication-Assisted Treatment in Rehab
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Some facilities exclude patients who are being treated with medications, but there’s a bipartisan move to end the exclusions
Reducing Food Waste, Fighting Food Insecurity in Garden State
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Keeping food out of dumps could help reduce methane in atmosphere, while making sure it makes the plate should help hold down hunger

March 14, 2017

PSEG Power Sells Its 10% Share in PennEast Pipeline to Spectra Energy
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Company remains committed to buying 125,000 decatherms of natural gas a day once pipeline is operational
Disgust at Plan to Fund Border Wall with Flood Insurance Surcharges
NJTV News Online | More Issues
The president ‘promised Mexico would pay, not Superstorm Sandy victims,’ said U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell

March 13, 2017

ACA Medicaid Expansion Helped NJ Save Millions in Charity Care
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
With Republicans talking repeal and replace, where will hospitals find the money to care for the state’s most vulnerable residents?
How Long Can NJ Transit Keep Rolling with Flat State Aid?
John Reitmeyer | Transportation
Agency says it has no plans to hike fares; environmentalists unhappy with governor’s plan to shunt $82 million from Clean Energy Fund to NJT
Offshore Wind Bids for NY and MA, Sector Remains Becalmed in NJ
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
New Jersey has yet to cash in on its offshore wind potential; developers not likely to start generating electricity before 2023
The List: NJ and Administration’s Travel Ban on ‘Mostly Muslim’ Countries
Colleen O'Dea | The List
New Jersey is home to about 9,500 people that the Trump administration’s new ban could seek to keep out
Opinion: Complex Truths Versus Simple Thinking About the Undocumented
R. William Potter and Clara S. Haignere | Opinion
Being in the United States without documentation is about as “illegal” as jaywalking or shoplifting. Let’s treat it that way

March 10, 2017

Opposition Builds as Details of GOP’s Healthcare Overhaul Become Clearer
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Critics say Republican replacement for the ACA would shift costs, risks to states and individuals
Interactive Map: Who in NJ Would Get Hurt by Repealing and Replacing the ACA?
Colleen O'Dea | Maps, Map of the Week
New Jersey residents benefited greatly from Obamacare Medicaid expansion. If the program is rolled back, men, women, and children in every county will be affected
Fine Print: Trying to Get a Handle on Food Waste in New Jersey
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Discarded food represents the single largest component of solid waste disposed of in the United States
$400 Million in Supplemental Spending Could Smooth Way to Transportation Projects
John Reitmeyer | Transportation
Bipartisan backers of proposal say it will ease burden on local taxpayers and generate jobs in construction industry
Zoning Issues or Islamophobia? Community Says 'No' to New Mosque
Matt Katz | WNYC News | Social
After months of increasingly contentious community conversations in the lead-up to the vote, many supporters say this was a religiously motivated decision fueled by fear of Muslims
Op-Ed: Freedom of School Choice Is a Chance at the American Dream
Ruthven Haneef Auguste | Opinion
Those who obstruct choice are more interested in protecting their special interests than in protecting the interests of all children to access a quality education
North Brunswick Residents Still Waiting for NJ Transit Train Station
NJTV News Online | Transportation
The governor authorized construction of the station in 2013, but the project seems to have run completely off the rails

March 9, 2017

PSEG Power May Pull Out of PennEast Pipeline Project
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Newark company exploring sale of its $100 million share in controversial natural-gas pipeline
Could ‘Maternity Report Card’ Help Reduce NJ’s High C-section Rate?
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Information about birth procedures and maternal health — tailored to pregnant women and new moms — could help boost health of mothers and children
Five Opportunities to Get Involved with the Fiscal 2018 Budget Review
John Reitmeyer | Budget
New Jersey lawmakers have scheduled five public hearings for residents who want to sound off or speak in favor of Christie’s final budget plan
Poll: ACA Replacement Bill — Good Move or Step in Wrong Direction?
Can repeal and replace really take care of America’s myriad medical needs?
Op-Ed: Why Federal Support for the Arts Matters
John Schreiber | Opinion
The NEA spends less than $150 million on the arts — and the arts send more than $22 billion back to local and state governments. Let that sink in
Buying Land to Protect Water, Open Spaces in Sussex County
NJTV News Online | Energy & Environment
A land-purchase program in northernmost New Jersey is seen as a low-tech — but effective — means of helping the environment

March 8, 2017

GOP’s Healthcare Plan Draws Rapid and Fierce Fire in New Jersey
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Republican proposal, which includes drastic changes in Medicaid funding, would have ‘devastating impact on accessibility and affordability’
Cuomo Wants to Appoint His Own Inspector General at Port Authority
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Commissioners argue that new IG could be used to throw a scare into employees and appointees who are thinking of blocking NY governor’s plans
Opinion: NJ Must Modernize Medicaid for the Future
Linda Schwimmer | Opinion
Making Medicaid more efficient and effective will be essential to future generations and to the fiscal stability of our state for decades to come
With State Aid in Deep Freeze, Towns and Schools Are Out in the Cold
Colleen O'Dea | Budget
What does a flat budget look like? Higher property taxes, fewer services and staff, and nothing extra for teachers and students
Mosque Rejected in New Jersey Amid Fear of 'Dangerous' Muslims
Matt Katz | WNYC News | Social
Opponents said they had no problem with Muslims, Islam, or even a mosque — they just didn't think it should be in a quiet residential neighborhood.
Fearing Cuts to ACA, Many Women Stocking Up on Birth Control
Christine Vestal | Stateline | Healthcare
New Jersey among states considering laws to make it easier to purchase contraceptives
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