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October 9, 2014

Op-Ed: Vote Yes on Public Question 2 for Clean Water, Preserving Quality of Life
Ed Potosnak | Opinion
The means to establish a stable source of funding for open-space and farmland preservation is a vote away
Special-Education Task Force to Launch Statewide ‘Listening Tour’ Next Week
John Mooney | Education
Administration looks to public for best ways to serve New Jersey’s students with disabilities

October 8, 2014

Analysis: Liberal Analysts Drop $42 Billion Bombshell Into NJ Pension Debate
Mark J. Magyar | Politics
Think tanks cite Pennsylvania actuarial study in warning against hidden costs of switch from traditional pension to 401(k) plan
Food for Thought: NJ Schools Making Sure Kids Eat Breakfast
Colleen O'Dea | Education, Maps
Participation rises 15 percent as educators, advocates for low-income children stress impact on concentration and learning
Will Keeping B.L. England Plant Online Mean Reliability Issues on Grid?
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Environmentalists say report from PJM Interconnection indicates there would be fewer potential problems if facility is shut down
Taking the Shutters Off at Fort Monmouth to Serve New Jersey in a New Capacity
Tara Nurin | Housing, Planning
Three years after it was officially shut down, the mammoth Army base is at the center of a huge development effort
Good Hygiene is Best Defense Against Frightening Enterovirus, Experts Say
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
With parental concerns rising after death of Mercer County child, infectious-disease specialists urge caution but also note that most will experience only mild symptoms
Profile: She’s Helping to Bring Humanities Studies into the 21st Century
Joe Tyrrell | Profiles
Princeton’s Meredith Martin takes research in a new direction with the Center for Digital Humanities
Op-Ed: The Evidence is Clear -- Charters Are Working, Status Quo Didn’t and Isn’t
Ron Brady | Opinion
Data for New Jersey shows higher achievement in math and reading than traditional schools

October 7, 2014

Analysis: Would an Elected Comptroller Solve NJ’s Pension Crisis?
Mark J. Magyar | Budget, Politics
Moody’s: While New Jersey’s pension crisis is one of nation’s worst, independent comptroller kept New York State out of trouble
State Education Officials Seek Ways to Reduce School Absentee Rates
John Mooney | Education
Mentoring program in Paterson cited as low-cost, highly effective way to get kids to spend more time in classroom
Legislation Would Encourage Consumers to Deploy Solar Arrays
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
By ensuring they can sell power they generate back onto the grid, bill aims to give homeowners and small businesses a reason to go solar
NJ Hospitals, Health Officials Ready for Ebola, Say Safeguards Are in Place
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Cite quick, efficient response to suspected case at Newark Airport, downplay chances of deadly virus spreading in Garden State
Explainer: Why Sandy Aid Has Taken So Long to Reach People Impacted by Storm
Scott Gurian | Explainer, Sandy
Nearly two years after the historic hurricane hit New Jersey, a look at what’s holding up the money

October 6, 2014

BPU Moves On ‘Plain English’ Summary for Alternative Energy Contracts
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Third-party suppliers to start offering consumers one-page explanation of fine-print details of what they’re offering
MacArthur Jabs Belgard Again Over Democrats’ Campaign Videos
Jon Hurdle | Politics, Elections 2014
With race in 3rd Congressional District too close to call, candidates turn to immigration, same-sex marriage to sway undecided voters
Adoptees Lacking Medical History May Get Coverage for Early Mammograms
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Opponents of bill worry about state taking stand on when preventive benefits of screenings outweigh radiation risk
Ed Department's Structure Undergoes Some Fine-Tuning But No Major Overhaul
John Mooney | Education
Acting Commissioner David Hespe moves to fill several vacancies and adds new position, but refrains from drastic changes
The List: Taking in the Fall Foliage in New Jersey’s 10 Largest Parks
Colleen O'Dea | The List
Leaf peeping is just one of the things to in the Garden State’s parks -- there are also heights to scale, waterfalls to watch, and endangered species to spot
Opinion: Will Public Employees Have to Give Back Even More?
Carl Golden | Opinion
Preliminary Pension and Health Benefit Study Commission report reveals size of financial challenge, could open door to more givebacks

October 5, 2014

Christie's Surprise Iowa Campaign Stop
Matt Katz | Katz on Christie
Gov. Chris Christie found another reason to go to Iowa. Christie made his second of three scheduled trips to Iowa this campaign cycle on Friday for an event that was sold to the national media as . . .

October 3, 2014

Healthcare Providers, Insurers Spar Over Cause of High Out-of-Network Costs
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare, Podcasts
Hospitals and specialists cite low reimbursements while insurers blame bills they say are much too high
Rise in Drug-Treatment Admissions in NJ Reveals Progress of a Plague
Colleen O'Dea | Social, Maps, Map of the Week
With heroin and opiate abuse on the rise in New Jersey, data and anecdotal evidence tell heartbreaking tale of addiction and death
State Clears Sale of Environmentally Sensitive Property -- for Second Time
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Golf course and senior housing could displace endangered species, including Pine Barrens tree frog
Assembly Leaders Lend Support to Teacher-Training Proposals by NJEA
John Mooney | Education
Support creation of study panel, propose legislative and regulatory moves to enact reforms
PARCC: A Five-Letter Word for Difference of Opinion in Education
John Mooney | Education
State’s announcement of PARCC path to high-school diploma earns kudos and criticisms from teachers, administrators, legal experts
In Increasingly Diverse State, NJ’s Police Forces Are Mostly White and Male
While some see hiring bias, other observers say it’s not necessarily bigotry behind racial make-up of departments

October 2, 2014

Prescribing Alternatives to Pain Medicines Is Easier Said Than Done, Doctors Say
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Constraints on patients’ time and money, insurance delays cited among obstacles to reducing use of oft-abused opioids
Administration Wants to Be Clear About PARCC’s Role in High-School Graduation
John Mooney | Education
State officials look to lay out their position on new online tests, while NJ’s largest teachers union voices its displeasure

October 1, 2014

‘Housing First’ Advocates Look to Expand, Take Program Statewide
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare, Social, Housing
Finding homes for the homeless is seen as first step toward improving health, lowering costs of medical and social services
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