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July 14, 2017

Christie Rejects Bill to Rejoin RGGI, for Third (and Last) Time
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Governor claims NJ has no need to rejoin initiative since it is already a leader in curbing carbon emissions and has met its own mandated standards
Interactive Map: Economic Fortunes of Different Hispanic Groups Vary Widely
Colleen O'Dea | Maps, Map of the Week
NJ’s Hispanic population grows but new census data reveal wide disparities in income, poverty, health insurance
Trying to Bring NJ’s Antipoverty Program into the 21st Century
Hank Kalet | Social
Benefits for Work First New Jersey — the state’s welfare program — have been stagnant for 30 years. Legislation has been sent to the governor to address the issue
Public Workers to Be ‘Made Whole’ for Time Lost During State Shutdown
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Democratic legislative leaders have come up with a bipartisan bill that Christie's spokesman says he will sign to get back pay to state employees sidelined during budget impasse
Lawmakers Wary of Christie’s Plan to Shift Addiction, Mental Health Services
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Expert cited in Christie’s controversial reorganization plan calls it a ‘real opportunity for New Jersey’
Op-Ed: Frelinghuysen Moves to Destabilize ACA Marketplace
Andrew Sprung | Opinion
Frelinghuysen is actively working to undermine the individual market for health insurance while the GOP’s repeal-and-replace legislation hangs fire.

July 13, 2017

Is This New Jersey’s Future? Chronic Flooding from Sea-Level Rise
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Under a worst-case scenario, some 130 communities in the Garden State could be inundated every other week
Would Reforms to Small-Business Tax, Minimum Wage, Family-Leave Fix NJ Economy?
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Nonpartisan group proposes a range of policy changes — including driver’s licenses and college tuition assistance for undocumented immigrants — to boost the state’s economy
Now It’s Official: Harrington (Finally) Sworn in as Education Commissioner
John Mooney | Education
She’s spent nine months doing the job, and now that she has the title it may be short lived: Christie’s term runs out in six months
Opinion: Greening the Garden State Gas Tax
Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff | Opinion
A revenue-neutral way for New Jersey to lead the way on carbon pricing
New Healthcare Option for State Workers Expands Patient-Centered Care
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
National leader in employee care promises better outcomes, state savings
Sons See Roots of Newark Today in Its Troubled Past
WNYC News | Politics
Che and Junius Onome Williams believe some of the same issues that led to the 1967 rebellion in their home city of Newark are still relevant today
Bridgegate Architect Sentenced to Probation, Fined
NJTV News Online | Transportation
David Wildstein’s extensive cooperation with government attorneys keeps him out of jail

July 12, 2017

Draft Water Plan Leaves Critics Dissatisfied on Several Key Fronts
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
The plan, they contend, doesn’t do enough to anticipate crises, head off likely deficits, and address water-quality issues, like lead in drinking supplies
Frelinghuysen Credited with $900M Aid to Gateway Tunnel, Other Transport Upgrades
John Reitmeyer | Transportation
New House spending bill ignores Trump’s budget proposals, keeps funds in place for rail project and other infrastructure upgrades
Youth Teams Will Put Poor Communities in Touch with Better Health
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation donates $2.6 million to fuel three-year programs statewide
Op-Ed: In Budget Aftermath, Time to Restore NJ’s Reputation
Tom Bracken | Opinion
How many business executives who were thinking of moving or expanding here changed their minds after seeing what transpired in New Jersey up to and during the state shutdown?
Lawmakers Want to Close the Door on Negligent Landlords
NJTV News Online | Housing
Senators go after landlords who fail safety and sanitary standards while renting to tenants who get public assistance
NJ’s South Korean Community Disturbed by North’s Missile Launch
NJTV News Online | Politics
At roundtable with Rep. Pascrell, some attendees wish President Trump would do more to condemn North Korea’s actions

July 11, 2017

Christie’s Summer Surprise: Move Mental Health Services to Different Division
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Shift from Human Services to Health department would involve 200 staff, nearly $1 billion
American Dream Wakes Up: Financing in Place, Megamall Gets Busy Building
John Reitmeyer | Planning
With almost $3 billion in place, backers and critics alike hope the long-stalled entertainment complex will start to deliver on some of the 23,000 expected construction jobs
NJ Solar Sector Could Be in for Overhaul, with Solar Credits on Way out
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Another attempt to smooth out industry’s boom-and-bust cycles, this one by ultimately phasing out solar subsidies paid to array owners
Opinion: Cleaning up Urban Waters — Focus Where the People Are
Daniel J. Van Abs | Opinion
We need to focus discretionary expenditures where they will do the most good for residents and competitiveness
Gov. Chris Christie Auditions for New Gig: Sports Radio Host
Mara Silvers | WNYC News | Politics
Christie's infamous thin skin and impatience with those who disagree may not suit him to the airwaves
After Penn Station Repairs, Gateway Tunnel Is Next Worry
NJTV News Online | Transportation
Transit expert says sword of Damocles hangs over region because construction of Gateway tunnels is so far off
First Day of Commuter Hell Wasn’t So Bad After All
NJTV News Online | Transportation
NJ Transit riders say start of the summer-long disruption to their commute could have been worse
Sweeney, Prieto Want State Workers Paid for Forced Holiday
WBGO News | Politics
Both are going to the Legislature this week to make sure bipartisan bill is in place if Christie demurs

July 10, 2017

Getting a Read on $125 million Library Bond Ballot Question
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Advocates argue that Garden State libraries need to catch up on technologies like the Internet, but opponents claim the state is ‘already drowning in debt’
NJ Seeks to Ban Pesticide Given Clean Bill of Health by EPA
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Chlorpyrifos can potentially cause developmental damage to children, vomiting and dizziness in adults
Money Still Makes Biggest Difference to Kids’ Wellbeing in NJ
Colleen O'Dea | Social
But even wealthiest counties can improve in some ways while the poorest do surprisingly well in some aspects of education, health, and safety
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