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September 5, 2014

State Agency Argues for Clearer Contracts from Third-Party Energy Suppliers
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
BPU looks to shield consumers from sticker shock when electric and gas bills are far higher than they would have paid to their utility
Interactive Maps Offer Glimpse of NJ’s Future as World’s Climate Changes
WHYY/NewsWorks | Energy & Environment, Sandy
Website created by Rutgers University team also depicts impact of storm surges and coastal flooding on people and infrastructure

September 4, 2014

ACA Coverage Could Fill Medical Insurance Void for Laid-Off Casino Workers
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare, Affordable Care Act
Atlantic City could be a significant test case for federal health coverage
Education Chief Kicks Off Campaign to Explain Common Core Standards
John Mooney | Education
Statewide effort aims to address community concerns about tougher academic benchmarks
Challenge to Federal EPA Ruling Could Help Save Marine Life in New Jersey
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Environmental coalition wants power plants across country to take steps to reduce fish and shellfish kills
Upgrade in Troubled City’s Credit Rating Gives Camden New Hope
Tara Nurin | More Issues
While serious problems have not gone away, improved assessment by S&P sends encouraging message about future
Poll: What Do You Make of Christie’s Trip South of the Border?
Is the governor’s trade mission just what he says it is, or does he have another agenda?
Op-Ed: In All-Charter School Districts, Ideology Trumps the Facts
Paul Tractenberg | Opinion
Mounting evidence indicates that charter schools can’t live up to their hype
Newark Schools Chief Hails New Enrollment Strategy's First-Year Success
WNYC/NJPR | Education
Relatively few students not yet assigned to specific schools, most will attend one of top five choices

September 3, 2014

State Targets $65M for Country's First Energy Resiliency Bank
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Fund’s initial order of business: Keep NJ's water and wastewater treatment plants in service during and after violent storms
New Law Clears Way to Force Cleanups of Derelict Properties
Joe Tyrrell | Housing
Legislation allows municipalities to levy fines against foreclosing creditors that don't keep abandoned houses in good repair
Lessons From Hunterdon Regionalization: Let the Communities Lead
John Mooney | Education
Top-down approach to mergers hasn’t gotten very far, so a grass-roots approach could be the key to success
Kin of Developmental Center Residents Ask for Placements Closer to Home
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
State officials limited by mandatory closures of facilities in state’s most populated region
Profile: NJ’s Biggest Booster of the Common Core Goes Back to School
John Mooney | Education, Profiles
Tracey Severns helped guide state’s shift to new learning standards in language arts, math
Opinion: Christie and Sweeney Have More in Common Than Ambition
Carl Golden | Opinion
Both governor and the Senate president are working hard to reforge strong bonds with their political bases

September 2, 2014

Problems with Repetitive Flooding Mean Recurring Losses for Inland New Jersey
Scott Gurian | Energy & Environment
It lacks the drama and damage of Hurricane Sandy, but repeated flooding is taking a heavy toll on houses and businesses far from the shore
PSE&G Transmission Upgrade Should Boost Reliability, Create Jobs -- Report Says
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Rutgers University analysis indicates utility's 10-year project could mean 6,000 jobs annually
Pivotal Questions Await Answers as School Bells Ring in New Jersey
John Mooney | Education
Controversial reforms – and whether Christie will run for president – among major issues as kids and teachers return to classrooms
New Law Aims to Make Every High-School Student a Potential Lifesaver
Andrew Kitchenman | Education, Healthcare
All public and charter schools must offer CPR, defibrillator training
Explainer: The Facts About Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise in New Jersey
Scott Gurian | Explainer
By the end of the century, the Garden State's current coast could be under more than three feet of water
Agenda: Common Core State Standards Top State Education Board’s Slate
John Mooney | Education
In first meeting of new school year, board will delve deeply into benchmark standards for math and language arts

August 29, 2014

Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- The Fifty-First State
2014 Summer Reading
Lisa Borders’ novel about rural New Jersey is a tale of grief, community, and forging a new family

August 28, 2014

Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- The Player
2014 Summer Reading
When residents of a Newark neighborhood fall sick from a mysterious illness, Brad Parks’ reporter-sleuth is on the case

August 26, 2014

Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- Family Life
2014 Summer Reading
In Akhil Sharma’s novel, a devastating tragedy changes forever the lives of Indian immigrants living in New Jersey

August 25, 2014

Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- Unaccompanied Minors
2014 Summer Reading
Alden Jones's short stories explore the darker side of adolescence

August 21, 2014

Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- The Moon Before Morning
2014 Summer Reading
W.S. Merwin's latest book is an evocative study of age, memory, and the natural world
Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- Inside Newark
2014 Summer Reading
Civil Rights leader Robert Curvin traces the tumultuous history of the Brick City since the 1950s.

August 20, 2014

Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- Raised at Rutgers
2014 Summer Reading
When Richard L. McCormick became president of Rutgers in 2002, it was almost like coming home

August 19, 2014

Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- What I Had Before I Had You
2014 Summer Reading
A layered tale of the Jersey Shore, told by the same narrator at two different points in her life

August 18, 2014

Summer Reading: New Jersey's Books and Authors -- American Dictators
2014 Summer Reading
Steven Hart details the lives of two New Jerseyans familiar to fans of "Boardwalk Empire"