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October 17, 2016

Elections 2016 Keeps You On Top of the Issues, Ahead of the Candidates
NJ Spotlight Staff | Politics
Coverage includes overviews of the state’s Congressional Districts, in-depth reporting on key races, and interactive tools and maps to keep you in the know
Christie’s Former Counsel Didn’t Check into Bridgegate, Wasn’t Asked
WNYC News | Politics
Gov. Christie said he asked his chief counsel to check into lane closures on GWB, but counsel said in court the request was never made

October 14, 2016

Catch the Live Stream from the 2nd Annual NJ Spotlight on Cities
John Mooney | Planning
Can’t make the conference? Watch a live stream of the keynote conversation and the session on the 2017 gubernatorial race
New Attempt to Pin Christie to GWB Scandal Overshadows Bridgegate
Chase Brush | Politics
A municipal judge allowed a citizen’s complaint of official misconduct against the governor to go forward
Transco Compressor Project Stirs Critics at Bordentown Meeting
Jon Hurdle | Energy & Environment
Residents argue that state can block what they see as a dangerous project by refusing to issue water-quality permits
Push to Grant Driver's License to NJ's Undocumented Residents
Chase Brush | Social, Immigration
Supporters say the card would help thousands of undocumented to drive legally, that it would improve road safety, and stimulate the state’s economy
Advocates Want Legislative Leaders to Curb Surprise Medical Bills
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
The goal: protect patients from unexpected fees charged by out-of-network doctors and hospitals, while also saving the state money
Does Driving Down Energy Use Mean Rethinking Utilities’ Business Model?
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Some states are successfully using ‘decoupling’ as a way to get power companies to convince customers to use less energy — without taking an economic hit
Interactive Map: New Jersey’s Cities Remain Mired in Poverty
Colleen O'Dea | Maps, Map of the Week
Poverty is a statewide problem, but almost half of NJ’s poor are living in urban centers
Minors Get Longer Sentences in New Jersey Than in New York
WNYC News | Social
There’s a big disparity in sentencing between the Garden State and New York. New Jersey offenders face more years in prison
Op-Ed: Request to the NAACP — No Moratorium on New Charter Schools
Denice Hicks | Opinion
My sons have been transformed by their experiences in charter schools. Isn’t that exactly what the NAACP would want?

October 13, 2016

Probe Uncovers Fraud at Program to Help Poor Pay Energy Bills
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Malfeasance includes paying benefits to dead woman, as well as to state employee earning $90,000 a year
Lesniak on Murphy's Endorsements: ‘Wealthiest, Rather Than the Best’
Chase Brush | Politics
After deciding against a bid for 2017 Democratic gubernatorial nomination, disgruntled Lesniak says process ‘sucks’
Seeking Civil Rights Protection for NJ Women Who Breastfeed
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
The goal is to extend current law, to cover women who work for small businesses or who are nursing babies older than one year
The Data Behind the Discussions at NJ Spotlight on Cities Conference
John Mooney | Planning
We teamed up with Rutgers’ Eagleton Poll to find out what New Jersey residents really think of the state’s cities
Young in Prison: Is Germany's Way Better Than NJ’s?
WNYC News | Social
Unlike New Jersey, Germany does not prosecute minors as adults. And, unlike New Jersey, Germany has low recidivism rates among minors
Online Shoppers Using 35-year-old NJ Consumer Law Against Websites
Joe Tyrrell | More Issues
Lawyer says big retailers are being hit with ‘literal blizzard’ of claims from across the United States

October 12, 2016

Hate Crime Heightens Tensions in Already Divisive 7th District
Chase Brush | Politics
Republican Rep. Lance decries as ‘abhorrent’ swastikas spray-painted on challenger Jacob’s house, but Democrat links act to ‘casual racism’ of Trump campaign
Making Sure Sea-Level Rise Doesn’t Swamp New Jersey
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Accurate plans and projections, including the effect of climate-changing pollution, can help the state do better dealing with coming sea-level rise
Profile: Growing Up in Poverty Has Helped Shape Her Choice of Career
Colleen O'Dea | Profiles
The executive director of the Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey, Renee Koubiadis wants to do nothing less than solve the problem of poverty
NJ Spotlight on Cities: Do We Have a Shared Urban Agenda?
Lee Keough | Planning
Setting priorities for the Garden State’s beleaguered urban areas at Newark conference this Friday
Most Minors Tried as Adults in NJ Are Black or Latino
WNYC News | Social
Although it must be approved by a judge, the decision to try a minor as an adult is at the discretion of the prosecutor

October 11, 2016

Bridgegate Day 15: Another Bombshell, Another Lie to The Press, And Some More Cursing
Matt Katz | Politics
New Scrutiny for Whistleblower Case
Chase Brush | More Issues
Lawmaker says it’s unacceptable for state to pay out $1.5 million, then refuse to discuss terms of a settlement involving allegations of serious corruption
First Quarter FY2017 Tax Collection Could Be Harbinger of Budget Year
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Tax changes associated with the gas-tax increase expected to help revenue at first — until cuts kick in
Moody’s Issues ‘Credit Negative’ in Response to Passage of TTF Legislation
Chase Brush | Budget
Wall St. firm raises fiscal concerns about effect of tax cuts included in bill to replenish Transportation Trust Fund
State Urges Federal Agency to Impose Cost Caps on Transmission Projects
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Large energy companies, utilities increasingly look to transmission to drive profits. Without caps, cost overruns can be passed along to customers
U.S. Attorney General Lynch Convenes Policing Conference in Newark
Joe Tyrell | Social
Law enforcement, community activists, and politicians from across state attend, including Newark Mayor Ras Baraka
NJ Spotlight on Cities: How Garden State Can Achieve ‘Integrated’ Healthcare
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Can ‘integrated care' deliver on its promise of better patient outcomes and better bottom line?
Trump Taj Mahal Shuts Down After 26 Years in Atlantic City
NJTV News Online | More Issues
Taj is fifth casino to close in past two years in hard-pressed gambling resort
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