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Katz on Christie Chris Christie Joins the Race for The White House
The pool of GOP candidates running for president just got a little bigger. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has joined the ranks of more than a dozen Republicans hoping to become the party's nominee for 2016.
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County freeholder. Lobbyist. U.S. attorney. Governor. And now, presidential candidate. Gov. Chris Christie's presidential ambitions go way back -- to his candidacy for the student government presidency at Livingston High School. Now the Newark native and longtime Morris County resident has officially embarked on his bid for the GOP presidential nomination -- announced yesterday at his high school alma mater. Turn to NJ Spotlight's definitive resource on all things Christie. It includes the best of our coverage of the governor; interactive maps detailing campaign contributions and spending; access to more than 1,000 documents about his life and career; and a timeline highlighting some of the most memorable moments in the governor’s life. Read more
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July 1, 2015

Watch Gov. Chris Christie’s Announcement of Candidacy for GOP Nomination
NJTV News | Politics
NJ governor returns to his old high school to kick off bid for Republican presidential nod
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June 30, 2015

Chris Christie Joins the Race for The White House
Matt Katz | Katz on Christie
Dems OK Boost in Low-Income Tax Credit But Won’t Budge on Pension Payment
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Resolution passed by Assembly and Senate pressures Christie to make contribution of $1.3B immediately instead of waiting until end of state’s fiscal year
Senate Advances Bill to Block Diversion of Money from Pollution Settlements
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Voters would be asked this November to mandate using funds only for environmental purposes, not to help balance state budget
Explainer: 1999 Ruling Still Shapes NJ Policies for People with Disabilities
Andrew Kitchenman | Explainer
In Olmstead case, U.S. Supreme Court required that patients live in the least restrictive and most appropriate setting
Vetoes Get Attention But Some Education Spending Avoids Budget Ax
John Mooney | Education
More than $14M in new expenditures includes boost in funding for adult high schools, career programs and vo-tech schools
Bill Barring Out-of-State Owners Would Block Outpatient Surgery Center
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Pennsylvania hospital battle spills over New Jersey border as Warren County legislator urges Christie to veto measure
Op-Ed: Congress Needs to Fix Flaw in Laws Governing Life-Sciences Patents
Dean J. Paranicas | Opinion
Major loophole in intellectual property protections threatens to stifle advances in life-saving medicines and treatments

June 29, 2015

Ruling Could Put Nonprofit Hospitals on Hook for Millions in Property Taxes
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
But leading Democratic legislator says state could restore tax exemption if judge’s opinion stands
Winners and Losers: Looking Beyond the Numbers in Christie’s $34B Budget
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Millionaires and corporations gain, while homeowners and local schools take a hit. But the biggest setback may be to New Jersey’s future generations
Tax-Credit Hike Helps NJ's Working Poor -- and May Also Help Candidate Christie
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Governor’s conditional veto could put $120M in pockets of low-wage earners, and make Democrats' signature issue his own
Unlikely Partners Form Alliance to Shape the Future of Newark's Public Schools
John Mooney | Education
On heels of Cami Anderson’s resignation, Gov. Christie and Mayor Baraka name panel to work on returning district to local control
The List: Ten Major ‘Adjustments’ Christie Made to Proposed Budget
Staff of NJ Spotlight | The List
Some cuts, like the $1.6B lopped out of the state pension fund were a given; others, like money withheld from school districts in the Pinelands, may come as a surprise
Parent Company of JCP&L Wants to Spin Off Utility’s Transmission Assets
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
FirstEnergy looks to create new enterprise with JCP&L assets, along with those from two Pennsylvania utilities
Could Christie’s Record on Gay Marriage Hurt Him With Conservatives, Liberals?
Hank Kalet | Politics, Social
Does Christie have an identity issue that could hurt him in the primaries -- too conservative for moderates, too liberal for the right?

June 27, 2015

Budget Business as Usual: Christie Line-Item Vetoes $1.6B from Dems' Plan
John Reitmeyer | Budget, Politics
Governor volunteers one giveback, no-strings-attached offer to raise Earned Income Tax Credit to 30 percent, helping NJ’s lowest-paid workers
Christie Uses Budget Signing to Weigh in on Wide Variety of Issues
John Mooney | Politics
From Cami Anderson’s departure to Supreme Court’s decisions, governor wants New Jersey -- and the country -- to know where he stands

June 26, 2015

Budget Goes to Gov. Christie, Who Warns He’ll Be Watching ‘All the Spending’
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Extensive line-item vetoes expected, but the real surprise may be what the Dems didn’t include: fully funded school aid and relief for depleted Transportation Trust Fund
Panel Temporarily Delays Transfer of Green Acres Tract for Development
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
DEP claims conveyance of 80 acres of protected property has potential to create 1,000 jobs
Mapping New Jersey’s Highest- and Lowest-Rated Nursing Homes
Colleen O'Dea | Maps, Map of the Week
Medicare inspections of nursing-home facilities around the state generally reveal mostly mild problems
Democratic Lawmakers Add Last-Minute Funding for Pet Education Projects
John Mooney | Education
Nearly $40 million in spending tacked onto proposed state budget sent to Gov. Christie
Healthcare Advocates in NJ Cheer High Court’s Ruling Upholding ACA Subsidies
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Analysts say improvements needed in national health insurance law could be addressed at state level

June 25, 2015

Christie To Announce Tuesday That He's Running For President
Matt Katz | Katz on Christie
Feds Chastise Christie Administration for Ignoring Its Own Rules in Newark
John Mooney | Education
Letter from U.S. Department of Education takes state to task for not delivering on promises to almost half of schools in largest district in New Jersey
Is It Camden or ‘Communist China’? City’s Paramedic Turf Wars Get Ugly
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Lourdes Health Systems says it may have to shut doors if Cooper-friendly legislation goes through
Reaction to Dems’ Proposal Hints at Possible Area of Compromise on Pensions
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Some GOP lawmakers react favorably to idea of making quarterly payments as show of ‘good faith’ and to take advantage of investment returns
Lifting Cap on Net Metering Should Help Spur Solar Investments in Garden State
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Incentive lets residents and small businesses sell back solar-generated electricity they don’t use, defraying costs and making renewable energy a better buy
Advocates Urge State Lawmakers to Restore Transit Funding to Budget
Jon Hurdle | Transportation
But some legislators argue the clock has run out and there’s not time left to add the $60 million back into spending plan
Poll: Have Your Say on Christie’s, Democrats’ Competing Budget Plans
Are you in the 'blue' corner or the 'red?' Or are you one of those folks who thinks it doesn’t matter?
Op-Ed: Christie Breaks the Law (Again) to Overfund State’s Charter Schools
Darcie Cimarusti | Opinion
In ignoring state mandates, governor acts like he’s above the law, deprives public schools of much-needed resources
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