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Katz on Christie Missing From Bridgegate Investigation: Chris Christie's Personal Email Account
There are some things missing from the federal investigation into Bridgegate: The cell phone in Gov. Chris Christie's pocket during the 2013 George Washington lane closures ...
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June 29, 2016

Democrats’ Budget Sweetens NJ’s Charity-Care Pot By $50 Million
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Additional $10 million allocated for Newark Beth Israel and St. Francis in Trenton
Fine Print: Transportation Funding Puts Sales Tax-Cut Under Microscope
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Christie and Assembly leaders sweep away key elements of Senate bill, replace them with 1 percent cut in sales tax
BPU Wants Utilities to Pay More Attention to Costs on Transmission Projects
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
New Jersey joins other state regulators, federal agency to raise concerns about economic impact of transmission costs on consumers
Profile: Nonprofit Developer Turns His Attention to Atlantic City
Tara Nurin | Profiles
Chris Paladino can’t contemplate retirement when ‘there are a lot of cities to redevelop’
Gov. Christie Takes His ‘Fairness Formula’ On the Road
John Mooney | Education
The governor is back pressing the flesh and taking questions in a venue highly reminiscent of his campaign trail town hall meetings.
New Jersey Muslim Leaders, Fearful of Trump, Try to Get Out the Vote
NJTV Online News | More Issues
The president of the state’s largest mosque said the effort includes a statewide coalition to encourage registration drives.
Democrats In State Senate Pass Strict Standard for Handgun Permits
NJTV Online News | More Issues
Gov. Christie is expected to veto the measure in ongoing skirmish over gun laws
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June 28, 2016

Budget Bill Sails Through, but Christie Brokers New Plan to Revive TTF
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Christie gets up close and personal with Assembly lawmakers, hammers out scheme that swaps gas-tax hike for 1% sales-tax cut -- and jettisons most of bipartisan TTF plan
Eleventh-Hour Compromise Could Free Up Open-Space Funds
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Deal could end ongoing argument between lawmakers and Christie that has stalled projects to preserve farmland, historic structures, undeveloped land
Effort to Extend Ban on School Suspensions, Expulsions to 2nd Grade
Carly Sitrin | Education
Assemblywoman says it would curtail 'misguided' responses to 'minor misbehavior'
Statewide Needle Exchange Getting Closer in New Jersey
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Supporters praise expansion but say more funding is needed for community programs to be a success
Opinion: Christie’s Back, and His 'Extreme' School-Funding Plan Proves It
Carl Golden | Opinion
A textbook example of a shrewd politician, what’s the governor’s endgame in this seemingly unwinnable fight?
Explainer: What New Jersey’s Graduating Seniors Need to Know
Colleen O'Dea | Explainer
Students who don’t pass or take the PARCC exams have a veritable alphabet soup of alternative tests, from ACT to PSAT/NMSQT -- and can also submit a portfolio of their work

June 27, 2016

Unfazed by Christie Plan, Sweeney Pushes His Education Proposal
John Mooney | Education
Senate president looks for some Republican support, says he’s willing to go around governor if necessary
$15 An Hour In New Jersey Still Years Away Even With Legislative Approval
John Reitmeyer | Politics
The minimum-wage increase that passed the Senate last week has a long phase-in even if Christie lets it become law
Averting Another Collapse in New Jersey’s Solar Sector
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
A proposed commission would look at the fundamentals of the solar industry, including whether ratepayers should continue to subsidize it
New Jersey’s Nuclear Imperative
Ralph Izzo | PSEG | Energy & Environment, Sponsored Content
The best path would be to develop an economic model that encourages a diverse set of energy sources while recognizing the environmental benefits of retaining the state’s nuclear plants.
Medication-Assisted Therapy: A Better Approach to Curing Opioid Addiction?
Carly Sitrin | Healthcare
Combining medication with behavioral therapy has proven successful, but many remain suspicious about using drugs to cure drug addiction
Sen. Menendez Takes On ‘Zombie Foreclosures’
Joe Tyrrell | Housing
Proposed federal legislation could help East Orange -- and New Jersey -- see far fewer zombies in the future
The List: By the Numbers -- New Jersey’s Busiest Public Libraries
Carly Sitrin | The List
The sleepy town library (like the sleepy town itself) is a thing of the past. Today’s ‘community anchors’ are about ebooks and internet connections -- and millions of visitors
Op-Ed: Comprehensive Reform Must Start with New Jersey's Outsized Tax Burden
Michele Siekerka | Opinion
New Jersey has an ‘affordability problem’ that is in urgent need of resolution

June 24, 2016

Democratic Budget Bill: More for Social Programs, No Major Tax Hikes
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Bill adds just $275 million to Christie plan, so budget battles of previous years may not be in the offing, but line-item vetoes are almost certain
Overriding Conditional Veto May Be Only Way to Free Up Open-Space Funds
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
If the Legislature doesn’t act -- and act successfully -- there will once again be no money to preserve open space and historic structures
Interactive Map: Taking the Portfolio Review Route to Graduation
Colleen O'Dea | Maps, Map of the Week
So far, some 10,000 students who did not pass PARCC or an alternative test have submitted a portfolio of their work to meet graduation requirements
Construction Slated to Begin on Stockton’s ‘Island Campus’ in Atlantic City
Meir Rinde | Planning
The $200 million campus is a key component of the rescue strategy intended to revive the failing, crisis-plagued gambling resort
Another Win in Court for Horizon in OMNIA Insurance Battle
Carly Sitrin | Healthcare
Hospitals refused access to information about how the insurer designated them as ‘tier 2’ facilities

June 23, 2016

Beginning Again: Syrian Refugees Struggle to Build a New Life in New Jersey
Thomas E. Franklin | Social
Two families of Syrian refugees find hope and comfort in unexpected quarters: among them, two North Jersey synagogues
Q&A with Gov. Christie About His Radical School Funding Plan
John Mooney | Education
‘Monumental change’ is how governor describes his reform, but will it meet monumental opposition?
Hedge-Fund Dispute Stalls 2017 Investment Plan For Public Pension System
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Treasury downplays significance of deadlock, indicating issue could be resolved at August meeting of NJ State Investment Council
Do Disabled, Their Families Need Ombudsman to Deal With Maze of Services?
Colleen O'Dea | Healthcare
Cautious welcome for effort to help people ‘navigate the bureaucracy,’ but concerns raised about adding another layer of complexity
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