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Katz on Christie Christie Warns of Crisis — Economic, Not Political
"Disaster" looms. That was the message that Gov. Chris Christie sent to the state's business leaders, lobbyists and lawmakers who gathered in Washington, DC, Tuesday night for the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's 77th annual "Walk to Washington."
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Tuesday was Earth Day, and several of the state’s environmental groups spent a part of it lobbying against a proposal to build a 22-mile natural gas pipeline to the B.L. England power plant, which would enable the facility to be reopened rather than shut down. The proposed refueling of the power plant in Upper Township in Cape May County has emerged as a major environmental issue, primarily because the proposed pipeline would traverse through the core of the protected Pinelands Forest Management Area. Read more
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April 23, 2014

Embattled Ethics Commission Confirms Samson Probe Underway
Mark J. Magyar | Politics
Panel clears CWA union leader after five-year battle, but sides with governor’s office on Pinelands pipeline vote recusal
Doctors Try New Approach to Reducing Cases of Hospital-Acquired Delirium
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Keeping ICU quiet at night, making sure patients are active help patients’ progress
High School's Virtual ‘Snow Day’ Still Adrift in State Bureaucracy Limbo
John Mooney | Education
Bergen County district scales back spring break as it awaits decision on whether online learning counts as regular school day
Opinion: How Would New Jersey’s Power Politics Translate on National Stage?
R. William Potter | Opinion
Christie in Washington, like Christie in Trenton, would mean insults, absolute loyalty, and an impenetrable inner circle
Shore-Restoration Methods All Have Their Upsides and Their Drawbacks
Scott Gurian | Sandy
Rebuilding dunes, replenishing beaches and building walls can be effective -- but at a price
Christie Warns of Crisis — Economic, Not Political
Matt Katz | Katz on Christie
"Disaster" looms. That was the message that Gov. Chris Christie sent to the state's business leaders, lobbyists and lawmakers who gathered in Washington, DC, Tuesday night for the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce's 77th annual "Walk to Washington."
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April 22, 2014

Plea by Newark Clergy Ratchets Up Debate Over School Reforms
John Mooney | Education
Call for moratorium on ‘One Newark’ plan and creation of community advisory panel gets cool response from education officials
Explainer: Just How Bad Is New Jersey's Foreclosure Crisis?
Joe Tyrrell | Explainer
The Garden State has the country's highest percentage of foreclosures among mortgaged homes -- and that's just the beginning
NJ's Clean-Energy Goals Finance 'Green' Jobs in Other States, Lobbyist Claims
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
If state can't meet renewable resources goal with its own technologies, neighboring states will be glad to be of service
Opinion: Is Gov. Christie Headed for a Political Comeback or Catastrophe?
Carl Golden | Opinion
Presidents Nixon and Clinton offer some very useful examples on how to manage through a crisis -- and how not to
Two Dozen Districts Still Hold School Elections, Budget Votes in April
John Mooney | Education
Two-year-old law has transformed election schedules for virtually all districts in state
Physician Group Says Medical Practices Are Good for Economic Health
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Study finds that average NJ doctor supports 10.5 jobs, generates $1.74 million in economic activity
Rowan/Rutgers-Camden Board Addresses Procedural Issues at First Meeting
Tara Nurin | Education
Newly constituted board of governors ready to get down to its chief task -- transforming Camden and its environs into an educational/medical powerhouse

April 21, 2014

Backlog of NJ FamilyCare Applications Bogs Down County Office Staffs
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare, Affordable Care Act
Healthcare advocates now advise low-income state residents to apply for Medicaid coverage through the federal ACA website
Federal EPA Again Delays Rule to Reduce Massive Fish Kills at Power Plants
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Proposed regulation does not mandate cooling towers at current sites, gives state leeway to address problems with 'best available technology'
State Testing Sees Growing Movement of Families Planning to Opt Out
John Mooney | Education
Confusion abounds about what happens next for those refusing to take standardized exams
Opinion: Searching for New Ways of Promoting Opportunity
Roland Anglin | Opinion
Before discussing theories of 21st century education, we must find ways to educate the most vulnerable children -- in urban and rural settings
The List: New Jersey's 10 Highest-Paid Chief Executives
Colleen O'Dea | The List
Warning: Comparing your pay to the compensation packages on this list may cause a host of unpleasant physical and psychological conditions.

April 18, 2014

Meet Christie's New Ombudsman
Matt Katz | Katz on Christie
As part of the internal review into the scandals whirling around New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, lawyers recommended the governor hire an ombudsman.

April 17, 2014

Christie and McGreevey: Unlikely Gubernatorial BFFs
Matt Katz | Katz on Christie
Once upon a time, the U.S. Attorney in Newark was investigating the governor in Trenton for corruption. Today, that U.S. Attorney, Chris Christie, is now a governor under investigation himself by a different U.S. Attorney . . .
Over 60,000 New Jersey Students Take Part in Field Test of Online PARCC Exams
John Mooney | Education
Early reports indicate trials went off without major headaches, although some relatively minor glitches were encountered
Field Testing of PARCC Exams In New Jersey: How Did It Go?
Now that some schools have tried out the tests, we want to know more about the experience
Christie, Speaking at Town Hall Meeting, Calls for End of Realty Transfer Fee
Tom Johnson | Budget, Energy & Environment, Politics
Getting rid of tax would leave state shy of matching funds for Shore-protection projects -- and would also leave another hole in the state budget
New Jerseyans Find It Hard to Find Doctors Who Accept Their Insurance
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare, Affordable Care Act
Quest for physicians who take their health coverage proves much more difficult for NJ residents compared to national average
Elizabeth Mayor Asserts Proposed New Tax Could Kill Urban Enterprise Zones
Tara Nurin | More Issues
Christie spokesman rejects assertion that proposed changes constitute ‘attack on the poor’
Poll: Should New Jersey Tax Electronic Cigarettes Like Regular Smokes?
Would a tax protect kids or deter adults with the nicotine habit from using faux smokes as a step toward quitting?
In-House Probe of Bridgegate Turns Up Serious Flaws in Sandy Grants
Scott Gurian | Sandy
Internal review looking into scandal turns up extensive mishandling of $23 million fund

April 16, 2014

Christie’s Mastro Mistake: Report Backfires Politically, Legally
Mark J. Magyar | Politics, Sandy
Memos bolster Zimmer allegations, provide roadmap for investigators, undermine credibility of Mastro report
State Probe Confirms Sandy Energy Grant Program Fraught With Errors
Scott Gurian | Sandy
Officials revamp scoring system in response to NJ Spotlight analysis of how funds were allocated
Mayoral Rivals Find Common Foe in State Control of Newark Schools
John Mooney | Education
Both candidates promise to pose challenges for state’s new education commissioner