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December 14, 2017

Supporters Push to Renew Federal Children’s Healthcare Funding
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
A variety of patchwork schemes could extend the program over the short term, but advocates argue full funding is of the essence
Throwing the Book at Coastal Flooding and Sea-Level Rise
Colleen O'Dea | Planning
A comprehensive report from NJ Future gives the governor-elect a new challenge: devise a coordinated response to help residents deal with flooding along the whole coastline
Assemblywoman Muoio Is Murphy’s Pick for ‘Tough’ Job as State Treasurer
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Mercer County Democrat, a member of Assembly Budget Committee, knows all about Garden State’s serious fiscal challenges
Using Recycled Asphalt in Quarry Reclamation Worries ‘Greens’
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Environmentalists argue oils and heavy metals in the material could seep into groundwater if employed for quarry reclamation
Op-Ed: Who Cooked Up the Trenton State Office Development Project?
Robert Torricelli | Opinion
No one seems willing to take the blame (understandably), but the new administration should shut the project down until it can be evaluated and rethought
‘Tale of Two Exchanges’ — Why We Pay More for Health Insurance Than New Yorkers
WNYC News | Healthcare
Premium rates have risen much more on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River
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December 13, 2017

EDA to Issue $400M in State Debt for Controversial Government Buildings
John Reitmeyer | Planning
Christie administration uses obscure committees and commissions to push through contentious construction plan, keeping Assembly and Senate out of the loop
Hackers Hit PSE&G Third-Party Partner Used to Store Customer Data
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Exposure at TIO Networks, a PayPal subsidiary, could reach 2.6 million customer accounts
Governor-Elect Makes Historic Choice for State Attorney General
Carly Sitrin | Politics
Gurbir S. Grewal, if confirmed by Senate, will be first South-Asian AG in New Jersey and first Sikh to hold position in any state
Opinion: Newark’s Phantom Gains in School Improvement
Mark Weber | Opinion
The celebrations and self-congratulations are real; unfortunately, the data shows that Newark’s educational successes don’t measure up
NJ Doubles Down on ‘Earn While You Learn’ Drug Counseling Program
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
State partners with Rutgers to give on-the-job training to hundreds of New Jerseyans who want to help addicts
State Asked to Review Regulatory Structure of NJ Retail Gas Market
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Industry association argues ensuring more competition would drive down prices to customers
MacArthur Swims Against Tide, Says GOP Tax Plan Good for New Jersey
NJTV News | Politics
Congressman hits out at ‘bloviating’ critics of Republican proposal, says he has worked to improve it

December 12, 2017

Debate over EV Charging Infrastructure Starts to Power up
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
More questions than clarity dog discussion: What role will utilities and local governments play in distributing charging stations throughout state?
NJ Lawmakers Want State to Withdraw from NY Harbor Waterfront Commission
Colleen O'Dea | More Issues
Court battle looms if governor agrees to withdraw New Jersey from body whose job it is to fight corruption on NJ and NY docks
ICE Arrests in NJ Courthouses Surging, Lawyers Say
Matt Katz | Immigration
Some undocumented immigrants are afraid to go to court, even to pursue orders of protection against abusive spouses, worried that ICE agents will be waiting for them there
Opinion: Supersize Deductions to Cope with Higher Minimum Wage
Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff | Opinion
Supersizing employer deductions for compensation could help jobs, consumers, and employers weather a much higher minimum wage
Lawmakers OK Task Force to Study Hearing-Loss Services
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Goal is to review and supplement to make life easier for New Jersey’s hard of hearing
Imposing Stronger Penalties on Employers for Wage Theft — It’s Christie’s Call
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Lawmakers want to increase the sanctions for not paying workers their due, business community believes measure is ‘well-intentioned, but overly punitive’
NJ’s Top Dems Present United Front Against GOP Tax Bill
NJTV News | Politics
Trio pledge to act as a team when it comes to federal policy priorities on issues from taxes to the Gateway Tunnel

December 11, 2017

Taking a Big Bite out of NJ Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Caren Chesler | Politics
Lesniak bill would shut down troubled agency, but will it get a hearing in the lame-duck legislative session?
Fed Tax Reform Focuses New Attention on NJ’s Property-Tax Deduction
John Reitmeyer | More Issues
Written into state’s income tax code in 1996, statute allows Garden State homeowners to deduct up to $10,000 of their annual property taxes
Grid Operator Counsels Caution About PSEG Nuclear Subsidies
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
In letter to Senate committee, PJM says PSEG must demonstrate need for subsidies, suggests alternative solutions can be pursued
Lawmakers OK New Funding for Tobacco Education Programs
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Legislation would divert portion of annual tobacco tax collection to anti-smoking initiatives
Op-Ed: Insurance Bill Would Be Fairer for Professionals, Protect Consumers
Robert B. Hille | Opinion
New Jersey has the highest number of malpractice claims in the region and exceeds the national average, due to the lengthy statute of limitations

December 8, 2017

Pols Play Musical Chairs, Trenton’s $220M Building Project Gets Green Light
John Reitmeyer | Planning
After making some deft changes to a lowkey — but powerful — panel, bipartisan lawmakers give go-ahead to contentious government construction plan for downtown Trenton
Breastfeeding Bills Would Help Give Babies a Healthy Start in Life
Colleen O'Dea | Healthcare
More good news for moms, a measure that would exempt breast pumps from sales tax, and one that extends civil rights to breastfeeding
Opinion: Zero-Emission Credits Aren’t Just for Nuclear Power
R. William Potter | Opinion
We need a comprehensive ZEC policy that reflects the total costs of all power sources — including solar and wind — in the rates charged for them by the state’s utilities
NJ Ready to Join Multistate Nursing License Group?
Lilo H. Stainton | Healthcare
Supporters say interstate compact is good for nurses and patients, but some nursing organizations concerned it could reduce quality of care in New Jersey
PSE&G Spends, Spends, Spends on New Transmission Infrastructure
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
State’s largest utility gets the nod from PJM to shell out $170 million replacing aging infrastructure in northern New Jersey
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