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Katz on Christie Christie Reshuffles His Top Legal Staff
Governor Christie has replaced the top two lawyers in the governor's office with an expert on electronic data collection and a nationally renowned authority on political corruption ...
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A new attempt to use the courts to secure more money from the state for the chronically underfunded public-employee pension system has been dealt a major blow by a Superior Court judge in Mercer County. Assignment Judge Mary Jacobson, in a ruling issued last week from the bench in Trenton, said she could not allow a case pressed by the trustees of three individual funds that are part of the broader pension system to go forward in the wake of a closely related, but different, case decided in June by the state Supreme Court. Read more
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October 9, 2015

In Margate, Administration Moves to Seize 87 City Lots Via Eminent Domain
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Easements must be procured before beach-replenishment work can get underway; 10 private homes also in pipeline for processing
NJ State Senators Point to New York Approach as Model for Horizon OMNIA Plan
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Cuomo, then attorney general, forged 2007 agreements that defined insurance tiers for specialists
Superior Court Scuttles Hopes of Pension Trustees for Legal Settlement
John Reitmeyer | Budget
Judge rules that state Supreme Court decision in related case applies to this legal action as well; plaintiffs could still appeal to NJ’s highest court
Opinion: Find the Nine Million Water Polluters in NJ (Hint: It’s Not Industry)
Daniel J. Van Abs | Opinion
It’s all too common to blame sources outside of ourselves for the water pollution problems we face in this state
Interactive Map: Cash Aid to NJ’s Needy Declines In Spite of Improving Economy
Colleen O'Dea | Maps, Map of the Week
Average payment of less than $3,500 goes to fewer people, reflecting ‘welfare reform’ cutbacks
Two Incumbent Democrats Face GOP and Green Party Slates in 14th District
Joe Tyrrell | Politics
Pair of Democrats face off against two Republicans for seats in 15th District
NJ Education Department Gears Up for Release of PARCC Test Scores
John Mooney | Education
Variety of resources and information being made available to local educators, as well as parents and the public
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October 8, 2015

NJ Legislators Look Askance at Private Contractor’s Lottery Revenue Shortfalls
John Reitmeyer | Politics
Hearings slated on why revenue targets have been missed despite record-breaking sales
Board Hears Update on Status of Two State-Run School Districts
John Mooney | Education
Jersey City gets more local control while Newark’s new superintendent is upbeat but outlines challenges ahead
Bid for Saint Michael’s Could Let State Reshape Future of Newark Hospitals
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Backers of sale to for-profit Prime Healthcare see state bid benefiting regional giant Barnabas Health
Profile: NJ’s Teacher of Year Represents Next Generation of Educators
John Mooney | Profiles
Salem County’s Chelsea Collins, youngest winner in recent memory, cited for enthusiasm for teaching, expertise in literacy
ACE-Exelon Merger Could Mean Bigger Credits on Customers’ Bills
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Details of settlement call for NJ customers to be compensated by same amount as consumers in other states
Op-Ed: Sidamon-Eristoff -- Getting Good Value for Our Transportation Dollars
Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff | Opinion
Before asking how much we need to spend, we need to take a close look at the “experts” recommending that we spend billions
Judge Rules Christie Obeyed Court Order on Document That He Partially Withheld
Mark Lagerkvist/New Jersey Watchdog | Politics
What’s missing from the list? The names and email addresses for cabinet members, politicians, supporters, PACs, and others are nowhere to be found
Buoyed by Bigger Registered-Voter Base, Democrats in 11th District Hope for Upset
Rob Jennings | Politics
GOP incumbents in solidly red 13th District look to be safe; unaffiliated voters helped put Republicans over the top in most recent election
NJ Spotlight On Cities: The Woman Who Transformed Grand Central Station
More Issues
What will Susan Fine do for an encore? The first privately financed project within New York City’s subway system -- with a grand total of 34 stores

October 7, 2015

Christie’s Self-Depiction as Lonely Maytag Man, Outsider Both Ring False
John Reitmeyer | Politics
To hear the governor tell it, he’s a lone GOP island in a deep-blue state, but facts and figures tell another tale
Effort to Reduce NJ’s High C-Section Rate Could Be Aided By New Report
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
Getting timely, accurate information to mothers could be key to their decisions about how to deliver their children
NJ Education Officials, Schools Gear Up for Review of Charter Renewals
John Mooney | Education
State’s revamped evaluation process places schools in three separate tiers based on performance standards
Critics of Liquefied Natural Gas Project Would Like to See It in Deep Freeze
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Port Ambrose terminal already vetoed once by Christie; second time would sink proposal permanently
Assembly Races in Hudson County Replete With Candidates, Spirited Debate
Joe Tyrrell | Politics
Voters have clear choices in lively contests in 31st and 33rd districts, while incumbent speaker tops ballot in 32nd
Op-Ed: ‘Renaissance Schools’ Have Little to Do with People of Camden
Keith E. Benson | Opinion
Along with police ‘reforms,’ real motive is to attract middle-class residents to ‘safer’ and gentrified city with ‘improved’ education system
NJ Spotlight On Cities: Meet our Morning Keynote Speaker
More Issues
Noted urban planner Toni L. Griffin will share her experiences and insights about building a great city

October 6, 2015

Critics Take Horizon to Task Over OMNIA Alliance, Citing Lack of Transparency
Andrew Kitchenman | Healthcare
State senators to call on attorney general to block controversial tiered insurance plan before planned November launch
Can Tax Breaks for Top Performers Pump Economic Life Into Atlantic City?
John Reitmeyer | More Issues, Politics
‘A-list’ entertainers who do four shows in resort’s tourism district would get 100 percent income-tax break; they’d keep everything they make
Explainer: Christie Pushes Pension Alternative, But Option Already Exists
John Reitmeyer | Explainer
Taking a look at New Jersey’s 401(k)-type public-employee deferred compensation plan
Agenda: Honoring Teacher of the Year, Reviewing Oversight of Two Districts
John Mooney | Education
Annual award at center stage, but State Board will also hear updates on Newark and Jersey City local control, release of PARCC scores
Op-Ed: Responding to League of Municipalities on Affordable-Housing Mandate
Gail Levinson | Opinion
Finding places to live for the poorest citizens, and for those with special needs, is essential to building a diverse community

October 5, 2015

Protecting Customers from Sharp Spikes in Utility Bills Is Goal of Three-Bill Package
Tom Johnson | Energy & Environment
Legislative effort meant to stop unscrupulous third-party suppliers from passing on higher energy and gas costs to consumers
The List: Camden Banks On Millions in Tax Subsidies to Help Fund Its Future
Tara Nurin | The List
Economic incentives promise to bring new life to Delaware waterfront in NJ's poorest city
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